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Silchar Ramakrishna Mission's 'Jesus Worship' is a unique example of religious harmony

Swami Vivekananda said, “If Jesus Christ was alive, I would wash his feet with my own blood.” It is often said that Sri Ramakrishna had a vision of Jesus Christ. After the precious soul of Jesus left this world, Lord Ramakrishna started Christmas celebration at the mission. One of the prime purposes of this was to combine all religions as Sri Ramakrishna Parammhansa always said that “as many opinions, as many paths”. That is what Maharaja Ganadhishananda, the secretary of Silchar Ramakrishna Mission, added. “On Thursday, worship of Jesus is celebrated at Silchar Ramakrishna Mission on account of his birthday”, Maharaja said these words while taking part in it. 
The local student body recently locked down the Vivekananda Cultural Centre of the Shillong Ramakrishna Mission. Based on that source, a member of the Bajarang Dal in Silchar threatened to take stern action against the children of a Hindu family, if they went to Church for Christmas. Meanwhile, the city’s main Churches have already banned the entry of ordinary people on Christmas. Although they did not explicitly mention the Bajarang Dal, they decided to keep celebration low key due to the pandemic. Even while being in such a situation, the Ramakrishna Mission in the city of Silchar has given the message of religious harmony.
On Thursday evening, a portrait of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary was placed infront of the idol of Sri Ramakrishna and Mother Sarada in the main temple of Silchar Ramakrishna Mission. Cakes were decorated in the same way just like every year’s Christmas. After the prayer, Maharaja Ganadhishananda recited about the  history of celebrating Christmas and worshipping Jesus.


The cake cutting ceremony followed by the name Kirtan is also celebrated at Silchar Ramakrishna Mission. On one hand, cakes, chocolates, sweets, are served, on the other hand it is noticed that even Indian foods are served alongside. The Christmas celebration of Ramakrishna Mission conveyed the message of harmony not only religiously but also socially.
On conversation with Maharaja Ganadhishananda, he said, “the main instrument of our religious faith is the combination of all religions. Sri Ramakrishna has repeatedly said that as many opinions, as many paths, since there is one, therefore everyone is equally devout. Silchar Ramakrishna Mission, on December, 24, witnessed a combination of both worship and birthday celebrations. Through the occasion of Christmas, we learnt about the beautiful days of Jesus Christ’s life.”
Biographies of great men are always a matter of instruction to do good deeds to us. It is said that Sri Ramakrishna had a vision of both Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha and Jesus Christ are just the same idols with two different names and Buddha is just devoted to us as Jesus Christ.

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