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Silghat Barak Bridge Demand Committee organises sit-in protest demanding bridge construction on the eve of CM's visit

In a powerful demonstration of unity and determination, the Silghat Barak Bridge Demand Committee organised a sit-in protest today, drawing the participation of around five hundred residents from South Barak demanding the construction of a bridge at Silghat ferighat. This impassioned plea comes on the eve of the Chief Minister’s visit to Barak Valley, where hopes are pinned on a positive response to their demand.

Members of the organisation expressed their optimism that the Chief Minister, alongside Lakhipur MLA Kaushik Rai, would take heed of their plea and take action. They commended the Chief Minister and Rai for their ongoing efforts in the region.

During the sit-in protest, key figures from the Demand Committee, including Chief Convenor Hanif Alam Majumder, Abu Siddik Laskar, Shahjahan Laskar, Faruk Ahmed Barlaskar, Moyna Miya Choudhury and others reiterated the urgent necessity of constructing the bridge. Notable community figures present included Manna Paul, Humayun Kabir Laskar, Alam Uddin and Anowar Hussain.

People of the region feel that the bridge is a necessity as the ferighat has frequently been inaccessible due to the Inland Water Transport Department’s inefficiencies. In fact, it has been closed for the past three days, exacerbating the difficulties faced by the local population.

Anticipation runs high, as the Chief Minister is expected to make a significant announcement tomorrow, gifting the people of Barak Valley with three bridges. However, the members of the Demand Committee have made it clear that they are prepared to go for a larger agitation if the announcement regarding the construction of bridge at Silghat is not made.

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