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Situation getting worse in Assam University; A student was about to slit his wrist to write "VC resign" with blood

Situation getting worse in Assam University Silchar where a section of students is on a hunger strike. Three students were stretchered to the hospital day before yesterday and today one more was sent to Silchar Medical College and Hospital. The students are now losing their head and the protest is taking a violent shape. 

A little while back a student was about to slit his wrist as he wanted to write, “VC must resign,” with blood. “The members of Assam University Students’ Union stopped the student from sliting his own wrist with a blade. There is a lot of panic here at the protest site. Female students are crying on top of their voice,” said Aritra Babai Dhar, general secretary, Assam University Students’ Union.

Today is the fourth day of the hunger strike and sixth day of the protest and the Students’ Union fears that the protest might take a violent shape as the students are losing their composure. “So far it has been a very peaceful protest but the situation is getting worse and there is no clarity how it might turn out going forward,” added Dhar.

The protests broke after the administration on February 8, 2020, issued an order announcing the rustication of Milon Das a research scholar studying at Assam University Silchar. The students sat on protest demanding the authority to immediately revoke the rustication and withdraw the FIR that the authority has lodged against Das in Silchar Sadar Police Station. The students also want the vice-chancellor to immediately resign and if all three demands are not met, they will continue with their indefinite hunger strike.

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