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SMCH junior doctors claim Drugs Inspector B. Rongmei provoked violence; Alcohol positive in Medical Report

On September 11, Government of Assam employee and Drugs Inspector of Silchar, B Rongmei, experienced a brutal assault within the premises of Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMCH). Rongmei reported that he was attacked by a group of junior doctors, who outnumbered him within minutes. According to his statement, the altercation began when he questioned a junior doctor’s treatment process while visiting a relative in the Medicine ward, ultimately leading to the assault.

The following day, district and police administration officials held a meeting with SMCH administration. Dr. Bhaskar Gupta, Principal of SMCH, initially announced the suspension of Dr. Anurag Dey, the doctor on duty during the incident, for six months. Later, he corrected the duration to three months.

In response, Naga associations criticized the investigation process, branding the suspension as inadequate.

Five days later, PG and intern doctors at Silchar Medical College and Hospital released a video offering their perspective. They claimed that Drugs Inspector B Rongmei had misbehaved with Dr. Anurag Dey, the doctor on duty. According to a colleague of Dr. Dey, she was present in the adjacent ward when the altercation began. She stated, “B.Rongmei grabbed Dr. Anurag Dey’s collar, and in retaliation, Dr. Dey attempted to push him back. Before Dr. Dey even touched him, B Rongmei slapped Dr. Dey in front of everyone.”

The doctors also accused B Rongmei of verbally abusing them and ganging up against them. These allegations arose following claims by Naga Associations that the doctors had chanted derogatory remarks during the assault.

Meanwhile, sources within SMCH have suggested that Drugs Inspector B Rongmei was intoxicated during the incident. A medical report, obtained by Barak Bulletin, confirmed the presence of alcohol odor during clinical examination.

It is essential to emphasize that consuming alcohol, even to excess, does not justify physical assault. Moreover, allegations against the junior doctor at Silchar Medical College and Hospital are not limited to B Rongmei. Multiple reports have surfaced highlighting instances of violence involving medical staff.

In this complex scenario, it is crucial to avoid generalizations about all junior doctors and not dismiss the possibility of attacks on attendants. The allegations and counter-allegations in this case underscore the need for a thorough police investigation into the matter.

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