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Sonai MLA Karimuddin Barbhuiya Visits Ramakrishna Mission Silchar, Pledges Rs 5 lakh for Development

In a noteworthy visit earlier today, Sonai MLA Karimuddin Barbhuiya, commonly known as Saju, made a trip to the Ramakrishna Mission Silchar. The prominent political figure, who secured victory in the recent elections on an All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) ticket, met with the Mission’s Secretary Maharaj, Ganadhisananda Ji.

After a cordial meeting, MLA Saju expressed the depth of his connection with Maharaj Ganadhisananda, stating that they maintain a “close” relationship and stay in constant communication. Maharaj Ganadhisananda reciprocated the sentiment, referring to Saju as “one of our own” and acknowledging his consistent support for the welfare of the Mission, including projects like the the development of the Silcoorie Ramakrishna Mission.

During the conversation, Maharaj Ganadhisananda appealed to MLA Saju to contribute to the ongoing developmental work. In response, Saju announced his commitment to donate Rs. 5 lakh from his personal fund for the construction of the auditorium within the Ramakrishna Mission complex.

MLA Saju emphasized the importance of supporting institutions like Ramakrishna Mission, noting their dedication to the well-being of underprivileged communities. He highlighted the positive impact such infrastructure has on students and stressed the need to encourage and facilitate such development initiatives.

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