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Sonai Police thwarts Burmese betel nut smuggling attempt on Sonai river: Seizes 80 sacks, arrests three

In a meticulously executed operation today, the Sonai Police successfully intercepted and halted an illicit smuggling attempt on the Sonai river in Kazidohor area. Acting on intelligence gathered, Officer-in-Charge Manav Handique Sadal led a raid on three engine-powered boats navigating the river, unearthing 80 sacks of illegal Burmese betel nuts.

The clandestine operation involved the apprehension of three individuals by the law enforcement officials. The arrested suspects have been identified as Maman Rashid Barabhuiya (22) from Kazidohor Part I village, Sahel Ahmed Laskar (25) from Mohankhal village, and Elton Khawbung (23) from Lobonkhal village within the jurisdiction of Jirighat Police Station.

The seized Burmese betel nuts were destined for illegal trade, concealed within the three engine-powered boats intercepted on the Sonai river. The Sonai Police’s swift and strategic response thwarted the illicit activity, underscoring their commitment to curbing cross-border smuggling operations.

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