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Special Time-Tabled parcel-express from Gujarat to Silchar; Indian Railways working round the clock

Indian Railways is making all efforts to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted supply of essential commodities to all corners of the country amid the 21-days nation lockdown.

Due to the pandemic of Corona, Indian Railways had suspended all passenger trains from 22nd March, so as to achieve the objective of social distancing in the fight against COVID-19. But the railway staff didn’t sit idle instead have been working round the clock to ensure unhindered supply of essential items to the last mile of the nation.

“During the situation of lockdown, Indian Railways staff deployed at various good sheds stations and control offices are working 24*7 to ensure that the supply of essential items for the nation does not get affected. Railways understand its crucial role during this difficult time and request all the stakeholders to fully support in ensuring faster loading and unloading of essential supplies,” read a statement from the Railway Ministry.

In the last two weeks, more than 30 rakes, carrying essential commodities, have entered the Badarpur sub-division area which were unloaded across various railway terminals in the subdivision viz Salchapra, Bhanga, Jirania, Kumarghat, Jiribam, Bairabi, etc.

“All essential commodities are being regularly brought in and there won’t be any shortage even if the lockdown gets extended,” Area Manager of Badarpur subdivision, S Umesh said while speaking to Barak Bulletin. The official informed that a total of 14 rakes have been unloaded at Salchapra yard (Cachar) and 7 at Bhanga yard (Karimganj) till 5th April, which contained rice, wheat, potato, sugar and fertilizer.

“Public should not panic. We are ensuring the availability of commodities for the last mile. Two special parcel trains are also being brought from Linch (Gujarat) to Salchapra and Guwahati to Agartala, carrying important commodities like medical equipment, masks, sanitizers, etc,” added S Umesh.

It can be mentioned here that Indian railways has decided to run 109 timetabled parcel trains over 58 routes, to boost the availability of ‘vital goods’ required for ordinary citizens, industry, and agriculture. The parcel vans can do quick mass transportation across the nation for the e-commerce entities and other customers including state governments to transport such goods.

Moreover, the Railways has slashed the demurrage and wharfage rates for goods and parcels at half of the prescribed rates whereas the free time for loading/unloading of wagons has also been increased to double of the prescribed free time till the lockdown ends, which is said to ease the difficulties of traders due to lack of lobourers.

Close coordination is also being maintained by the railways with the state government so that rakes of essential commodities are handled smoothly without any delay, amidst various restriction imposed in the wake of COVID-19.

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