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Star Plus show with Silchar girl Debattama Saha as lead completes 150 episodes; “Really grateful to fans for showering us with so much love”

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani is currently one of the most popular television serials. With its gripping tale, the show has managed to keep the viewers hooked to the TV screens. The Star Plus show stars Karanvir Sharma (Shaurya) and Silchar girl Debattama Saha (Anokhi) in lead roles. The show recently reached a new milestone as it completed 150 episodes.

Achieving the big feat, Debattama Saha shared, “I look back and realize how much hard work the entire team and unit has put in to reach this milestone. Our efforts have paid off and gave us all a chance to shine. That’s why completing 150 episodes makes me ecstatic. The journey was fun, inspiring, and unforgettable. The show has managed to strike a chord with the audiences since its beginning and we all are very happy that we have reached this milestone. I am really grateful to all our fans for showering us with so much love. It’s been a beautiful journey and I hope we celebrate many more such milestones.”

Karanvir Sharma, who plays Shaurya added, “Shaurya was a misogynist, who hated the idea of women educating themselves. But poignantly, he fell for his own student, and married her! The reason why I enjoy the project is because of the character development. Every day, every episode brings something new. The show has pushed me to explore and expand my craft and skills. What’s amazing is that we’ve completed 150 episodes and not a single day has felt monotonous! Usually, actors and creators begin to encounter creative blocks by the time they’ve made these many episodes. But the SAAKK team has shaped the show so beautifully that none of us have experienced burnout to date! It still feels like the first day of work, the set is always filled with energy and excitement. On this glorious day, I would like to thank the Channel, Producers, my co-stars, crew members, fans, fan clubs, and viewers for their continuous support. Please keep showering us with love and support every day.”

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani, produced by ace TV producers Deeya and Tony Singh also features popular actors like Alka Kaushal, Falaq Naaz, Sooraj Thapar, Pankaj Kalra, Khalid Siddiqui, Deepa Parab, Harsh Vashisht, and Reema Worah in pivotal roles. The show earned a lot of attention from the audience, thanks to its frequent twists and appealing storyline. The show airs Monday to Saturday at 7 pm on Star Plus.


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