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Student of Ramanuj Gupta Junior College tests positive; "Authority taking necessary measures"

A higher secondary student of Ramanuj Gupta Junior College has tested positive for COVID19. According to available information, he had attended college last on April 9, 10. The student was feeling unwell after college and that is when he decided to get tested. The student got the RT-PCR report yesterday and informed the management that he has indeed tested positive for COVID19.

After getting the information, the college authority has asked the student to submit a list of pupils he might have come in contact with. The management informed that they are also checking records for contact tracing.

“Inside the classrooms, we have been following all the COVID etiquettes like maintaining distance, wearing masks. Still, we will request the students who came in contact with the person who has tested positive, to get themselves tested,” informed the president of Ramanuj Gupta Trust, Rudra Narayan Gupta.

Principal, Purnandeep Chanda informed that the student had gone to college to take the practical test. Around 10 – 16 students were there at the classroom with him and out of them, three have come in primary contact with him. “We have asked them to consult doctors and if needed, get themselves tested,” said Chanda.

He also said that the college will take all necessary measures to ensure the protocols are followed and students are safe.

Guardian of a student studying in Ramanuj Gupta Junior College said it is unlikely that the student got infected in the college. He also said that the chances of the infection are lower in classrooms of college where there is enough space.

“What worries me is the private tuition. There the students sit one on top of the other and the chances of the virus spreading is more. However, there is nothing to panic as this virus is going to be there and we need to learn to live with this threat around us. Classroom education is important for senior secondary students as there are many complex topics that demand human interaction between students and teacher,” the guardian opined.

“There is hardly any offline class in private tuitions these days and especially for the students of class XII. Most are online classes online,” replied Principal Chanda who teaches Chemistry and is one of the best teachers in the valley.

Bihu and Bengali new year holidays were already announced, so, the classes are suspended. It remains to be seen if the College administration decides to extend the holiday due to this student testing positive. The second year students are scheduled to sit for practical examinations from April 26, 2021. Rudra Narayan Gupta said, if the student does not recover before April 26, they will put him in the last group possible, so that he gets enough time for recovery.

Like most of the country, the number of COVID positive cases in Cachar is also witnessing a steady surge. It is worth mentioning here that the number of tests performed per day has also gone up manifold.

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