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Students of NIT Silchar launch a massive silent march; "It wasn't a suicide but murder"

Students at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Silchar organized a significant silent march today to express their collective grief and anger over the recent tragedy within their community. Thousands of students assembled in the campus and walked around as a demonstration against the toxic culture.

The incident that led to this somber demonstration involved a third-year Electrical Engineering student who reportedly took his own life after being denied permission to register for the upcoming semester due to unresolved academic issues. According to reports, he had approached Dr. BK Roy, the Dean of Academics, with a request for reconsideration. An anonymous student disclosed to Barak Bulletin that the Dean allegedly tore up the application, further exacerbating the distressed student’s mental state.

The tragic event unfolded when, around 5:00 pm, the third-year student was discovered dead in his hostel room, located in Hostel 7 on the campus. The news of his passing sent shockwaves throughout the NIT Silchar community. A fringe group subsequently engaged in acts of violence, vandalizing Dr. BK Roy’s residence and vehicle, while also holding the Dean, his wife, and daughter captive for an extended period. Law enforcement agencies eventually had to intervene, employing a Lathi Charge to disperse the mob and secure the Dean and his family’s safety.

Today, the students of NIT Silchar organized a peaceful protest to remember their fellow student and voice their collective sentiment. In unison, they asserted, “The vibrant young man did not take his own life; he was compelled to do so. This is not a suicide but a murder, and the administration is responsible.”

The protest activities are ongoing within the campus premises, with local law enforcement and district authorities closely monitoring the situation.

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