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Students outrage against Bengali intolerance: "Authorities will fail to manage if we retaliate"

In Meghalaya, Bengalis have been constantly troubled for the last few days. The fuel to the fire was what happened in Ramkrishna Mission’s Vivekananda Cultural Centre.

This incident is now known to all that the gates of the centre has been closed.

This bizarre attitude of establishing their dominance in Shillong by Khasi Students’ Union has angered Bengalis of the entire region. Along with it, in Lakhipur region, a Bengali family has been tortured in many ways by a Khasi village community.

In response to it, students of the city has protested. Subhashis Choudhury on behalf of the protesters said, “Meghalaya government has not been very active in taking proper action against the racist attitude and activities of Khasi community in their state.”

He added, “Placards with “All Bengalis in Meghalaya are Bangadeshis” written on it has also been held by them. The rogues have closed gates of a pious institution like Ramkrishna Mission. But now, they have initiated the same in Cachar itself.”

He further added, “We won’t let Cachar become another Meghalaya. If strict action is not taken against them and safety of the Bengalis are not ensured in this land, the Bengali community won’t stay mum. They shall retaliate and the authorities would then fail to manage them.”

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