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Subimal Bhattacharjee's docu-film ‘In Spite of the Fence’ screened at Asia Pacific University

The documentary film ‘In Spite of the Fence’ was screened in Asia Pacific University Dhaka on 12th November 2019 to a full house consisting of teachers, students and invitees.

The treasurer of the university, Air Commodore (retd) Ishfaq Ilahi was the chief guest for the film festival of the business administration department of the university and spoke about the Indian-Bangladesh geography and relations.

Dr Mohammad Tareque Aziz, head of the department of business administration further invited Subimal Bhattacharjee and spoke about how the department had planned the film festival as an annual event. The teacher in charge of the festival Prof Barnali Nandi also gave an outline of the films that were being shown this year in the departmnet’s festival. Arijit Aditya, Editor Jugasankha Silchar was also present on the ocassion.

Subimal Bhattacharjee, the producer and director of the 25-minutes documentary film spoke about his project and his motivation to make the film. The documentary is shot in a small village called Mahadevpur part 3 in Katigorah, block of Cachar district of Assam.

The film shows the life around the village that was split into two parts in 2011 when the border fence was erected between India and Bangladesh in that region. This fence which is 150 yards in the Indian territory hasn’t till date resulted in the rehabilitation of the people living on the other side, known as the ‘sterile zone’. It also shows the support of the BSF in healing the villagers in times of their need.

Besides, the screening of In Spite of the Fence, three other popular films were screened in the festival including one by students of the department.

Earlier, Ishfaq Ihalai, Subimal Bhattacharjee and Arijit Aditya inaugurated the film festival by cutting the ceremonial ribbon to the clapping of more than 200 students.

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