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Sushmita Dev meets JNU's Aishe Ghosh; says "She is a brave girl & could have died"

On January 6, 2020, The All India National Congress formed a fact-finding committee. “The president has formed the committee and asked them to do a detailed inquiry on the incident of violence in JNU campus and submit the report to the Congress president within a week,” said the letter signed by KC Venugopal.

The committee constituted of Sushmita Dev, President, All India Mahila Congress, Hibi Eden, MP and former NSUI president, Syed Naseer Hussain, MP and former president of JNUSU and Amrita Dhawan, former NSUI president.

It is worth mentioning here that on Sunday evening, a group of masked goons entered the JNU premise and assaulted students and teachers. While it has been alleged that the ABVP is involved in the attack, the Police or the chief proctor’s office is yet to produce an official assessment of the incident.

More than 30 students got injured in the masked-mob-attack at a prestigious university in the national capital. The committee formed by the Congress president questioned the priorities of the “New India” as no arrests have been made so far. “Delhi Police has filed an FIR against student union president Aishe Ghosh for shutting down servers and no FIR is lodged for an attempt to murder her. Priorities of New India,” posted Sushmita Dev on her Facebook wall after visiting the JNU.

Along with the other members of the fact-finding committee, former Silchar MP, Sushmita Dev went to the university and spoke with the students. “Met the students and faculty of JNU to hear everyone’s version as a member of the Fact-Finding Committee,” she posted on Social media.

Sharing her opinion about Aishe Ghosh, Sushmita Dev wrote, “The President of the Students Union, Aishe Ghosh is a brave girl & could have died due to head injury.”

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