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Teachers can no longer criticize Government of Assam; Notice issued

Director of Higher Education, on Monday, in a directive to all the principals of government/provincialized colleges ‘requested’ to restrict the ‘government servants’ from criticizing the government under rule 7 of Assam Civil Service (conduct) rules 1965.

The order stated, “It is brought to the notice of all concerned that under rule 7 of Assam Civil Service (conduct) rules 1965, a government servant should not make any statement of fact or opinion criticizing the government. If the government servant is found criticizing the government, he/she will held responsible for violation of rule 3 and rule 7 of Assam Civil Service (conduct) rules 1965 which will attract the appropriate provision of the Assam service (Discipline and Appeal) rules, 1964.”


It further added, “All principals of government/provincialized colleges in the state of Assam are therefore requested to ensure strict compliance of the above rules.”

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