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"This government is for the people of Assam": Sarbananda Sonowal

Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonwal, on Friday, while addressing a press conference at Guwahati, assured to all the ‘Sons of Soil’ that no one can steal their rights, language and identity due to recently legislated Citizenship Amendment Act.

“This government is for the people of Assam. The land, language, and culture of the indigenous people of the state will be protected. I appeal to all organizations to come forward,” Sonowal said while addressing the media.

The statement came after mobile services were resumed in Assam on Friday, ten days after it was snapped in the wake of violent protests over the new citizenship law.

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Posted by Sarbananda Sonowal on Thursday, December 19, 2019

Blaming a section of society for spreading misinformation regarding CAA, Sonwal said people with vested interest are spreading misinformation that 1.5 crore or 50 lakh Bangladeshi will enter Assam through CAA. “Not a single new person is coming to Assam through CAA. Only the religiously persecuted people, who had been living among us for decades, can only apply for citizenship due to passing of CAA,” Chief Minister Sonowal mentioned, adding that “once the process of filing application for citizenship will be over, People will then find out if my assertion, that the number will be negligible, is correct or wrong”.

Describing those that unleashed violence in the state during the anti-CAA protests as “enemies of Assam”, he said, “their only agenda is to grasp power by disturbing peace.”

Asserting that a Special Investigation Team would probe every case related to the violent protests over the citizenship law, the chief minister said he invited leaders spearheading the agitation for talks.

“I have invited the leaders of the anti-citizenship law agitation for talks across the table as I believe through discussions everything is possible. I have extended invitation through the chief secretary. Together we can chalk out a solution, a way out…” Sonowal clarified.

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