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Tragedy Strikes Silchar Central Jail: Prisoner Commits Suicide

In a tragic incident at Silchar Central Jail, tragedy struck as a prisoner took his own life. Dilowar Hussain, hailing from the Kachudaram area of Sonai, was found hanging from the ceiling inside his cell. The authorities discovered his lifeless body, prompting immediate action from prison guards.

Hussain, who had been incarcerated for a case of sexual harassment, had been confined to Silchar Central Jail since the previous year. Despite efforts to secure bail, his petitions were denied four times, leaving the family grappling with unanswered questions regarding his sudden decision.

Speaking to the media, Hussain’s maternal uncle expressed disbelief, asserting that Hussain was ensnared in what he described as a fabricated case. The motive behind Hussain’s tragic end remains shrouded in mystery, leaving loved ones and authorities alike searching for answers.

Following a postmortem examination, Hussain’s body was handed over to his family. The community mourns the loss of a life, while questions linger about the circumstances leading to this distressing event inside a jail.

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