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Tragic Collision on Silchar-Aizawl Highway Reveals Alcohol Smuggling Plot, Claims Father and Son's Lives

In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded on the Silchar-Aizawl Highway at Uttar Krishnapur in Silchar earlier today, a head-on collision between an LPG-loaded truck and a passenger auto-rickshaw has resulted in the loss of two lives. The victims have been identified as Kunjamani Sinha, a retired Assam Rifles Jawan, and his son Prabin Sinha, both residents of Sonai, Nagdirgram.

According to eyewitnesses and available information, the father and son were traveling in their own auto-rickshaw, en route to Silchar Railway Station to drop off relatives. Tragedy struck when they were returning home, reaching the Uttar Krishnapur area, where an LPG-loaded truck, allegedly speeding, collided head-on with their auto-rickshaw. The impact of the collision was so severe that it claimed the lives of both Kunjamani Sinha and Prabin Sinha on the spot.

What adds a shocking twist to this tragic incident is the behavior of the truck driver. Following the collision, the driver of the LPG-loaded truck fled the scene, leaving the vehicle behind. Local police officials quickly responded to the scene of the accident, where they discovered the lifeless bodies of the victims and arranged for them to be sent for post-mortem examination.

However, the discovery did not end there. When police officials attempted to recover the LPG cylinder-loaded truck, they stumbled upon a hidden stash of bottles containing alcohol concealed within the LPG cylinder. The investigation has since revealed that numerous bottles of alcohol were concealed within the cylinder, pointing to an apparent attempt to smuggle liquor illegally.

The shocking revelation of alcohol smuggling raises critical questions about the circumstances surrounding the collision. Were the father and son unknowingly caught in the crossfire of this illicit operation? Did the illegal cargo in the LPG-loaded truck contribute to the driver’s reckless behavior?

Local authorities need to working diligently to answer these questions and apprehend the driver who fled the scene. This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that innocent citizens face when illegal activities collide with their path, resulting in devastating consequences.

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