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Tragic Drowning Incident Claims Life of 14-Year-Old Boy in Lakhipur, Drowned While Protecting Younger Brother

Yet another life was lost in the 2024 floods. In a heartbreaking incident, 14-year-old Shyam Kumar Panika lost his life today after drowning in floodwaters in the Bilbagan, Panikatila area under the Laboc Gaon Panchayat of Lakhipur subdivision. This incident marks the first fatality in the Lakhipur region due to this year’s floods. The floods have submerged several parts of the road from Bilbagan to Panikatila, including sections of National Highway No. 36, for the past few days.

Today, around 10:30 am, Shyam Kumar Panika, a resident of Bilbagan Panika Tilla, was playing with other children in the floodwaters along Panika Road. Tragedy struck when Shyam slipped and fell into deep water while trying to save his younger brother from drowning.

Local villagers rushed to the scene upon hearing the children’s screams. Despite their immediate efforts to locate and rescue Shyam, he remained missing until he was found drowned in the water, by the villagers. The Lakhipur Police, along with the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) team, arrived shortly after but were too late to save the boy.

Shyam’s body was recovered and subsequently sent to Silchar Medical College Hospital for an autopsy, overseen by a magistrate. Shyam Kumar Panika was a Class IX student at Nehru Higher Secondary School.

The incident has caused significant distress and tension in the Lakhipur subdivision, highlighting the severe impact of the ongoing floods in the Barak Valley region. As the first casualty of this year’s flooding in Lakhipur, Shyam’s death underscores the urgent need for effective flood management and safety measures to protect vulnerable communities.

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