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Tragic Head-On Collision on Ram Nagar Bypass Road Leaves four including a kid Injured

A devastating head-on collision between a passenger-loaded auto-rickshaw and a dumper truck on the Ram Nagar Bypass road has left four people, including a child, severely injured.

The incident occurred when the auto-rickshaw was en route from ISBT in Ramnagar to Sonabarighat in Sonai, while the dumper truck was traveling in the opposite direction. The collision took place in the Ram Nagar Pechadar area, causing significant damage to both vehicles and resulting in multiple injuries.

Local residents who witnessed the accident rushed to the scene, displaying immense bravery and arranging for vehicles to transport the wounded to the Silchar Medical College and Hospital. The injured were given prompt medical attention and are currently under medical care.

The incident has raised concerns among the locals, particularly regarding the absence of the 108 emergency ambulance service at the scene of the accident. A resident emphasized the urgent need for a speed breaker on the road to prevent such accidents in the future. They alleged that the 108 emergency ambulance service was unavailable, and it was the local community that stepped in to assist the injured.

The concerned locals are urging the relevant authorities to investigate the absence of the 108 emergency services and take measures to improve road safety to avoid such tragic incidents.

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