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Truck Collision in Karimganj Kills One Driver: The Other on the Run

In a tragic incident under the darkness of the night, a severe collision between two trucks in the Chargola area of Karimganj resulted in the death of one driver on the spot. The victim has been identified as Shankar Das.

On the earlier hours of Sunday, at around 2:30 AM, a head-on collision occurred between a truck heading from Tripura to Guwahati, bearing registration number TR 01 AV 1758, and another truck heading towards Karimganj city, registered as AS 01 PC 8585. The impact of the crash was so intense that it drew the attention of local residents, who rushed to the scene.

Upon arrival, locals found Shankar Das dead and immediately sent his body to Karimganj Civil Hospital. The truck with registration number TR 01 AV 1758 was severely damaged at the front, causing the instant death of Shankar Das, who was seated in the driver’s seat. Meanwhile, the driver of the AS 01 PC 8585 truck managed to flee the scene after the collision.

Following the incident, Karimganj Police arrived at the site and initiated an investigation. The police are currently on the lookout for the absconding driver of the AS 01 PC 8585 truck.

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