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Unraveling the Paradox: Kaibarta Parishad's Conflicting Chants of "Dipayan Murdabaad" and "Himanta Zindabad"

The Kaibarta Unnayan Parishad has been making headlines almost daily since the Delimitation draft became public. The Election Commission of India’s draft proposes a reduction in the number of seats in Barak Valley to 13 from the existing representation of 15. Additionally, the ECI has proposed that the Silchar Lok Sabha seat be reserved for the candidates from the SC community while abolishing reservation from the Karimganj Lok Sabha seat. Not just that, Ward No. 1 to Ward No. 7 of Silchar Municipality Board that most consider as the headquarters of Silchar, has been proposed to be relocated under Udharbond Legislative Assembly Constituency.

A reduction of representation from Barak Valley and some illogical demarcation of constituencies sparked a massive protest against the Election Commission of India’s delimitation proposal. The ECI itself welcomed objections and suggestions till July 11. Sushmita Dev, MP from TMC and former MP of Silchar Lok Sabha Constituency belonging to the general category said, “I won’t comment against the proposal to reserve Silchar Lok Sabha seat for the SC candidates.” In fact, the convener of the Barak Bandh that was followed throughout the three districts of Barak Valley, Pradip Dutta Roy went a step further, “We are not against the reservation, we are against the reduction of representation from Barak Valley in Assembly. Let ECI restore the number of seats and reserve them for SC candidates, we are fine with it.”

On the day of the bandh, Sujit Das Choudhury the spokesperson and leader of the Kaibarta Unnayan Parishad, opposed the strike and said, the ones following the Bandh are “Extremists”. A Guwahati headquartered satellite channel featured a byte where the members of the association said, “We have 4000 Tuk Tuks, we can go and demolish any Bandh.”

After the Bandh, the people of Silchar spread across many organisations and communities have called for a huge rally on July 6 to mark opposition to the ECI’s proposed delimitation. The campaigns for that rally were on across social and traditional channels. But then came the communal clash on the occasion of Eid-Al-Adha. A Muslim family in Panchayat Road was allegedly slaughtering a cow. Sujit Das Choudhury said that a follower of Hinduism tried to make a video of the slaughtering as he believes the family was committing a crime. “What is the big crime in making a video of an illegal activity,” he questioned. “For doing that, the Hindus were attacked and assaulted. Tuk Tuks were demolished and they danced naked in the middle of the road with swords in their hands,” Sujit Das Choudhury added.

On the night the communal clashes broke out, Silchar MLA Dipayan Chakraborty went to Panchayat Road following the instructions of Chief Minister of Assam, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma. He went to the Masjid that was allegedly attacked during the clash between the two communities. He spoke with the people there and assured a sum of Rs 5 lakh to develop a community hall that can be used for educational or other productive affairs. Silchar MLA Dipayan Chakraborty said, to all present there including the members of the press, “As asked by the Chief Minister Sir, under Members of the Legislative Assembly Local Area Development, I have assured Rs 5 lakh to the Jama Masjid Committee.” He added, “The Police are investigating the matter (communal clash in the morning) and I won’t interfere in the same but urged people to maintain peace and tranquillity.”

The next day, Sujit Das Choudhury, according to him, returned from Guwahati and launched a campaign against Dipayan Chakraborty. “What an impotent and handicapped (Nishkorma) MLA we have elected,” said Sujit Das Choudhury. As he made these statements to the Press, his followers chanted, “Dipayan Chakraborty Murdabaad. Dipayan Chakraborty Hai Hai,”. Das Choudhury then said, “How dare the MLA go to the Masjid along with a convict on bail (Jail Pherot Ashami) and dine with them after they have assaulted Hindus in Hindustan.” He reiterated the same in the Deputy Commissioner’s meeting, called for the restoration of peace. He took a jibe at the MLA and then blamed him for instigating and empowering the Muslims. “Due to this behaviour of the MLA, one Muslim boy dared to post death and rape threats to Kaibarta mothers and daughters,” said Sujit Das Choudhury while referring to one Facebook post. The post was already reported by Subhashis Choudhury on Twitter and the Assam Police, taking cognizance of Choudhury’s Tweet, initiated action against the perpetrator, around 12 hours before Sujit Das Choudhury first spoke about it.

Astonishingly, the Kaibarta Unnayan Parishad members, while they abuse the MLA, chant Himanta Biswa Sarma Zindabaad in the same breath. Now why are they going after the MLA for meeting the people in the Masjid, but not the CM who actually instructed the MLA to do so? In fact, Sujit Das Choudhury and his men have announced a grand welcome to Himanta Biswa Sarma for “Securing the Hindus with Delimitation (Suraksha Kavach).” Why is he thanking Himanta Biswa Sarma for something done by the Election Commission of India? Above all, why is he continuously targeting the MLA of Silchar?

Before the communal clash broke out in Silchar, Sujit Das Choudhury and his men made it clear, “The next MP from Silchar is going to be from the family of a Kaibarta.” Are they now after the position of the MLA too? Dipayan Chakraborty is a right wing karyakarta who graduated through the ranks to eventually win the election with a historic margin. Who is bestowing Sujit Das Choudhury with the immunity to go after the MLA, attacking his integrity, and questioning his ideology? Some basic questions that we are seeking answers to.

Barak Bulletin has been continuously trying to reach Sujit Das Choudhury, but he has not answered repeated calls from our correspondent.

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