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Violent Rampage at Ramkrishna Nagar Health Centre: Intoxicated Doctor Attacks SDM

In a shocking incident at Ramkrishna Nagar Primary Health Centre, a severely intoxicated doctor, Saurajyoti Roy, allegedly attacked SDM & H.O. Bidhan Chandra Biswas and his brother-in-law, Rajesh Chowdhury.

According to reports on Thursday night, Dr. Saurajyoti Roy was on duty under the influence of intoxication and attended to patients in this state. His disruptive behaviour escalated through the night, peaking at 6:30 AM on Friday. Initially, he attacked the on-duty nurses – Seema Acharya, Nagma Majumdar, and Hameda Laskar – who narrowly escaped by acting swiftly.

The doctor then vandalised the hospital, throwing equipment around and even breaking a glass door with his foot. Bloodstains were found throughout the facility, spreading panic among staff and patients.

Dr. Roy proceeded to storm into the room of SDM & H.O. Bidhan Chandra Biswas, who was asleep at the time, and attacked him with a surgical instrument. The room was left bloodstained from the assault. SDM & H.O. Biswas and Rajesh Chowdhury later confirmed the horrifying event. The police were promptly informed, and an investigation has begun. An FIR has been filed by Bidhan Chandra Biswas at the Ramkrishna Nagar Police Station.

Currently, Dr. Saurojyoti Roy has been sedated and is under supervision. The police have regained control of the situation at the health centre, but fear lingers among the remaining doctors, nurses, and office staff following the traumatic event.

This incident starkly contrasts the doctor’s duty to heal and safeguard lives. In an intoxicated state, Dr. Saurajyoti Roy allegedly inflicted harm and chaos, betraying the trust placed in him.

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