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WY drugs worth Rs 2 crore seized from a lodge in Silchar

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Alarming signs for ‘Island of peace’ Silchar. The Central Reserve Police Force in a joint operation with Cachar Police has seized ‘What’s Yours’ (WY) Drugs worth Rs 2 crore today in Silchar.

The 147 battalion of CRPF acting on a tip-off regarding illegal possession of contraband drugs consulted Cachar Police. The two authorities then launched a joint operation and the party drug was seized from Kalibari Lodge located near Rangpur Petrol Pump in Silchar, Assam. Police arrested two suspects and confiscated 100 packets of ‘WY’ tablets. Each packet consisting 195 tablets.

Zayed Ahmed (28 years old) son of Jamaluddin and Jallauddin (36 years old) son of Motossir Ali are the two arrested suspects. Both are residents of Karimganj district and were halting at Kalibari Lodge in Rangpur.

Zayed Ahmed and Jallaluddin

Zayed in his statement to Police said that they had a third companion in Sanjit a.k.a ‘Mama’ who hails from Tripura. Sanjit was already stationed in the same lodge and he instructed Zayed and Jallaluddin to start from Karimganj and halt in the lodge.

Tablets containing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are often illegally transported from places like Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh to Manipur and then smuggled to Myanmar. There the tablets are processed in illegal drug factories and the two components are mixed to create WY (What’s Yours) drug. Peddler and dealer in Myanmar then smuggle it back to India and other parts of Southeast Asia. WY is a party drug and popular among party-goers and night-life enthusiasts, it is also consumed by mine workers as that helps them work for longer hours.

WY Drugs confiscated in Silchar, Assam

Barak Valley is gradually emerging as an easy access corridor for illegal transportation of restricted substances. Few days back Assam Rifles in a joint operation with Cachar Police arrested Rhino poachers from Katigorah. On February 14, CISF confiscated gold-biscuits worth Rs 60 lakhs from Silchar airport. This repeated incidents substantiates the fact that smugglers has identified Barak Valley as a gateway to Illegally transport restricted substances out of the country and in some cases to various parts within the country itself.

For now well done, CRPF and Cachar Police

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