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Barak Valley man attempts to sacrifice himself on Eid, locals rescued him

Salim Uddin a resident of Kanchenpur area, like thousands, headed towards a mosque yesterday on the auspicious occasion of Eid-Al-Adha. The difference was, while others were heading to the mosque to offer prayers, Salim Uddin had other intentions.

Yesterday afternoon, right in front of Nooraji Masjid, located in Kanakpur area, Salim Uddin slit his own throat multiple times. When locals spotted him bleeding on the road they rushed and snatched the knife from his hand. According to eyewitnesses, he said he was fed up of his life and wants to offer his own Kurbani (sacrifice) to “Almighty Allah”. Eyewitnesses also informed that he even tried to jump on an electric transformer located nearby.

Salim Uddin said in his statement that his father-in-law took his wife at her native place after a fight between the married couple. On the occasion of Eid, he said that he reached out to his father-in-law to fix everything, but that did not happen. When he went to get his wife back, his father-in-law instead went on to file a case against him. Salim Uddin said that is why he decided to sacrifice himself to god on Eid.

He was taken to the nearest hospital and the bleeding stopped after doctors stitched his throat. According to doctors, the slit was not that deep and Salim Uddin is out of danger.

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