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Give information about suspected snatchers and get Cash rewards; Cachar Police

When Vaibhav Chandrakant Nimbalkar took over the reins as Superintendent of Police, Cachar, he said it Policing in the district will be a collaborative effort where Police officials and the general public work together as a team.

Within the span of 24 hours, two identical incidents of snatching in different parts of Silchar town have hit the residents as a shock. Snatching is a menace that haunts the residents as a nightmare. In most parts of late 2020 and early 2021, lakhs of hard-earned money was snatched by miscreants riding on a black motorcycle, a Bajaj Pulsar in most cases. In an exactly similar manner,  Rs 2 lakh was snatched from a Radhamadhab College employee yesterday after he withdrew the cash from State Bank of India’s New Silchar Branch.

In another such incident in Malugram, a diversion road resident was looted while he was returning home with Rs 3 lakh cash. In both cases, the victims said that the miscreants were riding on a black Motorcycle. It is history repeating itself which shouldn’t be the case.

On January 18, 2021, Silchar resident Sudip Das had stepped out of the Punjab National Bank branch in Silchar. A man followed him and tried to snatch his bag with Rs 3 lakh cash. Das had a friend waiting outside about whom the miscreant was unaware. The fried got into action and with the help of undercover cops, the miscreant was caught alive. Initially, he had identified himself as Rabi Singh a resident of Katihar in Bihar. After investigation, the Police got to know about a racket in New Jalpaiguri that runs the racket of snatchers in Silchar.

As the mystery was solved and a man happened to be in the custody, it was expected that the Police will uproot the nexus. It seems, the officials left a few loose ends that are now again running a menace. Cachar Police has a new formation and the Assam Police under DGP, Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta and Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has promised prompt and decisive action. If this new formation manages to unearth the snatching racket remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the Police department has released an image featuring two individuals and a motorcycle. The SP informed that the picture has been gathered from a CCTV camera and it features suspected snatchers involved in snatching money in Silchar. “Cachar Police announces cash reward for anyone giving concrete information about the suspected miscreants on the bike as seen in the picture. They are wanted in snatching/ looting cases in the Silchar PS area. Please inform on the number- 9706603088/ 8638622411. Your identity will be kept secret,” appealed the SP.

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