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Saara Shabnam: Dedicate my "Best Women Entrepreneur Of Assam" award to husband and mother-in-law

It’s a happy and proud moment for our Valley once again. Breaking stereotypes around a married working woman, Saara Shabnam has won the “Best Women Entrepreneur Of Assam” at the Women Entrepreneurship Summit Guwahati on September 15.

Saara runs two successful ventures- “Zaara Collection” and “Zaara Hizab Hut”.

In a conversation with, Saara spoke about her journey.

How did you get inspired to become an entrepreneur?
I always wanted to do something in my life but I got married when I was in my third semester. Soon I gave birth to a child, who is now two-year-old. So I was busy in my marital life but something bothered me. I would see all my friends settled down and I wanted to do something in my life too. That’s when I came up with the idea of online reselling. It is a simple way where any homemaker can give time to both their family, kids and at the same time can do something for themselves too.

Being a married woman with a child, did you receive enough support for your venture?
I faced many troubles when I first stepped into this field. Many people spoke behind my back and tried to demotivate me. But my mother-in-law and husband have been my constant source of motivation and support. My mother-in-law has always boosted me up and supported me whenever people used to put me down. My husband often told me, “Without haters and back biters around, one can never shine. So let people speak. Your dedication, concentration and love for what you are doing shouldn’t be affected’. This kept me motivated.

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What has been your biggest learning in this field?
Customers satisfaction is the most important thing that one should focus most on. They are the reason we are into this field. They are the roots without whom we cannot grow. And once the roots are nourished properly with trust and good products, the outcome will always make you feel happy and good. The happiness of making the customers satisfied and the valuable feedback from them is what motivates me every time to work more for them.

Who do you want to dedicate this award to anyone?
I would like to dedicate this award to my mother-in-Law and husband. They are the pillars of my success.

Any message to our readers?
This award is the answer to the critics in our society.  All I would say is that never underestimate a homemaker. Some people choose to work for their family happily and at the same if they want they are even capable to do something for themselves too. Never let anyone down if you cannot motivate them.

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