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Life Direction is here to help you pave your way to success

Words like “success”, “successful” or similar ones fascinate everyone in this world. All of us want to be successful in our lives, isn’t it? While an unplanned approach in life can shatter our dreams and ruin our future, a calculated and planned vision can take us to the path of success.

We all know that motivation drives us from inside to achieve our desired goal. Digitalisation has made our life much easier as we can now easily access motivational videos from social media. But is it really working?

In order to help bridge this gap, a center – “LIFE DIRECTION” has been started in Silchar recently. One can find the solution to all his/her queries about planning and designing life from Biprangshu Bhattacharjee, a registered life coach practitioner (practitioner ID – Sy4667-6AFKMI-AC) IAMP, UK. The center is located at College Road in Silchar.

Let us explain how Life Direction can help you tread your way to success.

When we build our house, we contact an interior designer to make it beautiful. Similarly, when the matter is about our life, we usually take decisions on the basis of the society’s rules or on the beliefs that we have been brought up with. But the question is – how can the same rule be applied for all? Three out of ten people become successful and happy while the rest struggle in their life – why?

As we all know that a fish can’t climb a tree or an elephant can’t fly – so like this, we need to understand clearly who we are from inside. Give it a thought– do you know yourself clearly, if your answer is yes, then how? If you have a dream and thinking about how to achieve it or you are looking for a fulfilling life, then you are in the right place. If you want to lead a happy, successful and prosperous life, this article is for you. For the only thing which can make a difference is “Life Planning”.

Life planning is all about creating a vision of your ideal future and defining the steps you need to take that will get you there. It is a process that aligns your short-term decisions with your long-term goals and answers the three major questions:

1. Where am I in life today?

2. Where do I want to be in the future?

3. What must I focus on today to get to where I want to be in the future?

Biprangshu Bhattacharjee, Life Coach, Life Direction shared, “I get these questions not only from people in India but also abroad. The question is what should be the stages of life and my answer is very simple.


We all need to follow these simple stages to make a fulfilled Life. Most of the people struggle in life because they stop learning after earning. The day when someone stops learning, fear comes in our Life. Fear of losing job, fearing of losing business, fear of losing relationships and many others engulf us.

To achieve your dream, you have to plan it in the right direction, you have to know yourself better, and you have to re-discover yourself.

Knowing your personality profile

Your personality is a highly complex thing that is unique to you and only you will ever understand what makes you tick. We will help you to know what your personality profile is and surely, the path that will lead you to ultimate success begins with understanding yourself.

Knowing your personal intelligence

Your intelligence preference helps you define what you really want out of your personal life and career. We are most fulfilled and most successful in life when we learn, develop and work in ways that make the best use of our natural makeup. We will help you to identify which intelligence applies best to you on the basis of your preference, skills, abilities and interests.

Core Values

Our Values determine our priorities In life and they are generally the measures we use to determine if life is heading in the direction we want it to. Life is usually going pretty well and we feel content and satisfied when the decisions we make and the way in which we act matches our values.

We can make life much easier for ourselves by acknowledging our values and making plans and decisions that honour them.

We can use them to make important life decisions and finds answers such as…

Ø Should I take the stream or course? (For students)

Ø Should I accept my job promotion?

Ø Should I leave my JOB?

Ø Should I start my own business?

Ø Should I compromise my standards?

Ø Should I follow Tradition or take a new path in Life?

Now you might think that this process would be tough. Not at all my friend. We will help you to set your GOAL with proper planning. It is a very interesting process where you will rediscover yourself and make your plan. Eventually, you will achieve success and live a fulfilled life.

Motivational sessions:

Apart from one-on-sessions, Life Direction is going to start motivational sessions of 60 minutes in Silchar on a weekly basis. By attending the program, you will get to know more interesting facts about how can one be happy and successful, and more confident in life.

Important FAQ:

> Who can go to Life Direction:-  Anyone From Age 15- Age 45

> Does one need any special knowledge before meeting them:- No, anyone can reach out to the team.

> I don’t want to disclose my info to another:- They maintain strict secrecy about your info. Before starting one to one session, you will sign mutual consent about the secrecy of your details.

Package for different tests, one to one session and group session:- Contact 6001730761

You can also follow Life Direction on Facebook here.

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