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Bhasha Shahid Memorial of Kristi Vivek Sangskritik Sangstha unveiled today by prominent personalities

Today is Bhasa Shahid Dibas, the entire Barak Valley is paying humble respect and tributes to the sacrifice of 11 language martyrs in the Bengali language movement of 1961. An ‘aesthetic’ Bhasa Shahid memorial was unveiled today infront of Kristi Vivek Sangskritik Sangstha’s club house located at Chandmari area of ​​Silchar town.

Dr. Tapodhir Bhattacharjee, Dr. Amalendu Bhattacharjee, Sri Atin Das, Sri Sanjeev Dev Laskar, Dr. Biswatosh Choudhury, Sri Babul Hore and Sri Aminul Islam from Bangladesh paid tributes one after another by placing wreaths in the unveiling ceremony of the Bhasa Shahid memorial.

Addressing the congregation the Chief Guest former Vice-Chancellor of Assam University Prof. Dr. Tapodhir Bhattacharjee said, “By repeatedly making excuses the leader who is not ours, the history that is not ours, is being imposed on us with extreme arrogance. In big hoardings across the city or in the suburbs if attempts are made to impose a leader who is not ours and history which is not ours and if we do not protest, then we have no right to talk about 19th May. Why should it happen every time that the we should live in fear while speaking the language of Rabindranath, the language of Jibanananda, the language of Nazrul, the language of Shamsur Rahman?”

Poet, writer and journalist Atin Das expressed hope on the occasion and said “I expect that no one should be illiterate around the place where this Bhasa Shahid memorial is built.”

Professor Dr. Biswatosh Choudhury said, “This Bhasa Shahid Memorial of Kristi Vivek Sangskritik Sangstha is very aesthetic. If anyone from Silchar city or suburbs passes through this place, they will stop and see this memorial for once.”

President of Barak Upotokka Bongo Sahityo O Songskriti Sommelon Sanjeev Dev Laskar said, “If we abandon our own language and adopt another language, then our position will not be very good. We are trying to carry Bengali-speaking Assamese identity and are also inspiring others. It’s with sadness that I have to tell our enemies are not outsiders but they are our own. This struggle is between our own people.”

Aminul Islam, who came from Bangladesh, said in a short speech, “At present there has been a lot of bond with Bangladesh, especially the Sylhet region, and this bond started when we came to do the first play in 1998 at the invitation of Kristi Vivek. I’m grateful to Kristi Vivek on behalf of the people of Bangladesh and Sylhet. Kristi Vivek built the bridge for the bond that has been created today. And today at this moment, I feel proud to be present in the programme of Kristi Vivek.”

On the occasion of Bhasa Shahid Dibos, the artists of the Sangstha paid tribute to the martyrs by performing a chorus. A solo song was performed by Seema Purkayastha, Kasturika Choudhury performed a dance, Vijayata Halder recited a poem and Prabal Kanti Dev recited a poem made by himself.

At the end of the program, Biswajit Dutta, secretary of the Sangstha thanked everyone for their presence.

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